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Disrupting the financial system, one bit at a time

Metagenius is committed to successfully solving inefficiencies in the Financial markets by creating innovative, convenient and sustainable solutions. By harnessing the potential behind blockchain technology, Commodity Market, DeFi & Peer2Peer System. Metagenius is pioneering a new digital financial system.

We see a future where the world goes beyond digital, do not be left out. We are providing a financial breakthrough solution At Metagenius, we always look ahead which is why we’ve designed our products to be seamless, secure and instant -- the financial services of tomorrow.

Creating Secure & Swift Banking and Safe Investing Experience for Everyone At metagenius we believe, anyone has the potential to become a multimillionaire We a taking away the technical factors that comes with analysis and simplify the experience for you

Our Features

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Transfer Money

You are able to transfer your funds within metagenius by adding your recipient as beneficiaries, and also via Viserbank or other banks we support


Deposit Guarantee Schemes

Our deposit scheme comes with 100% insurance on assets. We provide both Fixed Deposit Receipt(FDR) & And Deposit Pension Schemes (DPS) Enjoy a safeguarded experience


Take Loan

Need a loan? Apply for a Loan in 20 minutes, provide valid documents and get that extra cash when you need it

How it works


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Open an Account

Sign up for a free account with us, it takes minutes

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Funding your account is as easy at it gets, if you need any assistance Contact us

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Select amongst our FDR Packages carefully curated for you, Get to see the perks each plan offers and compare them to see which fits your best interest



Withdrawals are seamless and instant, Withdraw to any Crypto Wallet, Other Banks or Transfer assets between Metagenius Users

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